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Name/Denomination/Nicknames: Luxia'Na-eeme Vas Shabbo , or Lux for short.

Gender: Female

Birth Date: June 15

Religion/Spiritual Beliefs:none. Though she mentions Keelah at times, that's for the sake of her people. As an tech expert, she tries to focuss on the logical side of things.

Species: Quarian

Occupation: Freelance Engineer, Explorer

Military Rank: none

Age: 23

Height: 5'9

Weight: 135

Hair/Fringe/Helmet Color: Black hair and a blue helmet

Eye Color: Black eyes with a white iris

Skin color: a slight tint of blue

Physical Description OR Picture:
Sparkly, silvery, black hair that can vary. Quarians with short or no hair keep it how it is while others with longer hair like Luxia tie it up or have it cut.
I think their skin is pale and smooth, and feels like the side of a Dolphin. Though their skin it primarily white, it is tinted a certain color depending on their genes. Whatever the tint is, in Luxia's case it's blue, that's what they base the color of their robes on.
This helps them personalize their exosuits, because they can't see their face it makes them proud to show off what color their skin is under their visors. This goes for Tali, and how I think her skin is tinted purple because of her purple robes.
Plus I assume most Quarians have long necks, slanted black eyes, glowing white irises, pale pink lips, and slightly flushed cheeks that turn a bright red whenever they blush out of embarassment or love.
As for the wierd lines and purple markings on her, those are wires that link her to the suit's systems. I think they have these because if they get shot or sick, then they need immediate emergency antibiotics from the suit's storage right then and there. The medicine will either help keep the Quarian alive until they get real treatment or cure them all together, though that's rare.
The wires can be removed if they're damaged, or if the Quarian doesn't want them attached out of their suit.
Though that Quarian might be dead if they walk around without their suit on...

Behavior description:
Luxia is tough herself but has a gentle side. She is independent, stubborn, but reasonable and logical. In dire situations, she prefers to think out strategies instead of panicking over the situation. Lux will usually fix her own problems herself, but always welcomes help or advice from fellow teammates. She's sweet and kind, but strong and valiant on the battlefield. She loves music of all races, even Batarian, and spends most of her time learning about the culture of other races. She finds Humans the most fascinating because of all they've grown, despite being a young race. Besides, Commander Shepard was a human, so that's what sparked her interest in the first place. She also loves books and all kinds of art, especially impressionism. She believes Asari and Humans are the most talented artists. Her favorite books are mystery and romance novels. She likes the idea of finding love, but she's also content on being on her own.
She yearns for knowledge and adventure, so she's a bit of a dreamer who spends most of her time on the flotilla reading books or fixing things. Despite all of her love for art and literature, she remains focused and concentrated in stressful battles. She hasn't seen a lot of violence or action other than on her pilgrimage, but she can adapt well to her surroundings, being a Quarian and all.

She's a skilled tech expert, able to hack just about anything.
She's great at melee and close combat, like shotguns or heavy pistols.
She's can fix almost anything mechanical.
She's fluent in many alien languages. She can speak it, read it, and write it. She's most proud of being able to read ancient Quarian script, or at least most of it.
She knows a lot of history that can be useful in situations.
She's a logical strategist.
She gets along with others, after she knows them for a while.
She's good in crowds and she's very charming.
She's driven, and can get things done.
She's loyal to whoever's in charge, but also keeps her morals in check.
She's very smart.

She's no good at being a combat leader.
She's pretty timid and shy around other races because she's usually around Quarians.
She's not good with assault or sniper rifles.
Because she's a Quarian, she can't afford ruptures or cracks in her suit and can easily die from infection.
She has sensitive feelings, especially when other nag her about what she looks like under the helmet.
She doesn't have a whole lot of self esteem because she's lived her life in a suit, despite being pretty.
She's a big dreamer and a bit too adventurous.
She's so modest it's comical.

Luxia was born and raised on the flotilla. She has two siblings, a younger sister that is 19 years and an older brother that is 29 going on 30. Her sister is as sweet as can be and hates any kind of violence, while her brother is tough and no-nonsense. She has good relations with both of her siblings, so they all grew up in the migrant fleet together. When they were young adults, they lost their parents when the ship they were serving on malfunction and crashed into an asteroid, killing all its inhabitants. Her brother took it upon himself to look after his two sisters, becoming a bit overprotective and fatherly to them both.
She started her pilgrimage not long after her brother finished his, and finished it by hijacking, hacking, and stealing a good ship from a Batarian terrorist group. While on her pilgrimage, she overheard a rumor about the Batarians on a distant ship. Figuring this was her chance to show her worth, the adventurous young Quarian sought them out herself, after careful planning of course, and managed to sneak into their base and ruin their systems. Batarian technology wasn't hard to hack, and because she was smart enough it wasn't hard to hack the systems and cause a virus that ruined the information on their computers. She then snuck onto their best ship, which was luckily was unoccupied, and stole it right from under their noses while they were distracted with their technical problems. It really wasn't that hard to do, but it was more than just her hijacking a ship.
Unbeknownst to her, Luxia actually stopped a terrorist attack. The Batarians were hours away from launching a huge missile onto a nearby human colony, saving hundreds of lives. She only found out shortly after she escaped back to the flotilla, where other Quarians praised her and welcomed her with open arms after what she did. She didn't see it really as a big deal, and was very modest about her achievement. Later, she was assigned as a tech expert to the Shabbo, and spent a lot of her time honing her skills. Only the Quarians know she did this, no one else knows who it was who saved the human colony.
Whether it was knowledge or combat, she's learned Melee from her brother, and surpassed him eventually. She became even smarter and a better hacker, though she'll never admit it out of modesty.  A lot of Quarian men admired her for her pilgrimage, but she never really payed much attention to them because she wanted to be loved for who she was, not just what she has done. She promised herself that whoever she truly fell in love with, she would show him, and only him, her face. In a very sterile room of course.
While she was living happily on the fleet, she considered taking missions away from it. She wanted to explore other worlds and speak with other races badly. Her curiosity was eating her up, and she wanted to see what other books were out there. She prefers real books over the datapads after all, wishing she could touch the paper with her bare fingers. What she also really wants to do is meet or defeat a real active Geth. Most Quarians hate or fear the Geth, but Luxia is actually a bit more sympathetic to the robots. She believes there were faults on both sides, and prefers that Quarians and Geth both make peace instead of going into a pointless war. Besides, being the tech expert she is, the Geth machinery fascinate her and she would like to know how they work. She keeps these opinions to herself, of course, even to her siblings.
It all changed when her younger sister went on her pilgrimage and never returned. She was determined to find her, and was going to leave the fleet to do so. Her brother protested because Quarians couldn't leave to go look for another on their pilgrimage like that. Luxia left anyway on a small Quarian ship that was awarded to her for her pilgrimage success and didn't look back; leaving the only home she had known.
She still searches for her sister in space now, armed with just a shotgun and drones, trying to find any trace of her. She doesn't know if she'll ever be accepted back to the fleet, but she has to know if her younger sibling is okay.

Interesting Facts:
As a lover of music, she likes playing string instruments and she's a good singer, she even prefers to sing in Quarian. Though she's skilled, she too shy to admit it and isn't really aware of how smart she is. When she's nervous, she shifts her weight a lot. Also, at times, she sits in her very sterile room and removes her helmet to brush her long black hair. She only does this for two minutes and thinks it's worth the risk of getting sick for a week, which happens. She thinks Turians are attractive for their exotic features, but is bashful for thinking such a way. Her favorite treat is ice cream in a tube. Though she drinks at parties, she can't hold a lot of liquor and she can get drunk very easily.
Sample Post:
There were so many things in the universe, and she wanted to see them all. Luxia sat there, looking out the window of her small ship. The stars glittered brightly in the universe. It was so vast and beautiful, and she was so eager to see it all. She was on her way to the citadel. She's only been there once, on her pilgrimage, years ago. She wondered how much it's changed. A smile crept behind her mask, she wondered if there'd be adventure there. The smile disappeared. She was free. Free of the bustling of the Flotilla, not that she hated it all the time, but instead of it being a celebration it was a mission. A mission to find her long lost sister. She feared the worst for her, since she was such a little thing. She knows she's should have more faith in her, but she couldn't help but feel scared for her little sister. Luxia also feared how her brother saw her now. He had to understand that Luxia needed to find their sibling. The three are the only family they have, and she had to make sure it stayed together. She would find her, and maybe bring her back home. Luxia sighed and stood up from the table. She walked to the controls and made sure it was still in autopilot. You could never be too careful after all. When it was, she said quietly to herself, "Soon, soon I'll get to the Citadel. There, hopefully, I can find some answers about her…and myself." Inwardly, she wanted to find some adventure too. Perhaps if she was an outcast, she could live her life as an explorer.
This is my submission for a Mass Effect Roleplay my sister wanted me to join for this group.

It's an application roleplay, so I suggest anyone who wants to join, go ahead. :D

This is the original picture in a larger size. [link]

Mass Effect belongs to Bioware
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